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Software licensing is a time consuming job and if not done properly can lead to severe financial penalties. Lepide software asset management is one such IT asset management software that can help you in refraining software license compliance breach related information. In fact, by utilizing this software asset management product it is much easier to keep record about installed software licenses and remaining software licenses. IT managers can draw out the required detail information regarding software from the database faster than all other methods. The details can include name of the software, software version, manufacturer and the software usage statistics. Not only this, acting as software inventory management utility this Lepide product can even help you in identifying software installed illegally. When any prohibited software is detected it gets notified and therefore allows admin to take necessary steps. As the product allows saving list of the licenses assigned along with their categories to multiple computers in network, for an administrator it even gets lot easier to provide a complete integral license position without compromising on security. Perhaps, this IT asset management tool gives you precisely the information you require to set up for software audits and make well-versed decisions about your software investments.

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